Where are they now?

Linda Lavin

Linda played the role of Alice, which got it's start on the movie "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" in 1974, which is what this series was based on, although the movie was a drama, and the TV show was a comedy. Ellen Berstyn played the role of Alice on the original movie. Linda has appeared in many made-for-TV (and cable) movies, even producing a couple (the most recent being "Stolen Memories: Secrets from the Rose Garden", which also starred Mary Tyler Moore). Currently, she is on the sitcom "Conrad Bloom" on NBC, where she plays the title-character's mother Florie. She has also appeared in Barney Miller as Detective Janice Wentworth, before the TV series "Alice".

Polly Holliday

Polly played the role of Florence Jean Castleberry, the sassy red-headed waitress. According to the show, she had been a waitress for Mel for quite some time before the series started. In 1980, Polly left Alice to star in her own sitcom "Flo", which lasted about a season, although it was spread out over two actual seasons (it started late in the 1979-1980 season). Since "Alice", she has been in quite a few movies, mostly made-for-TV movies, although right after "Alice", she was in "Gremlins". She has also been in several TV series since "Alice", most recently "The Client". She has also appeared on "Home Improvement" many times as Jill's mother Lillian. Most recently, she was in the movie remake "The Parent Trap"

Vic Tayback

Vic played the always grouchy boss Mel, a role he played on the movie "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore". He was also in many TV movies and also did guest spots on various shows, including "The Love Boat", and "All in the Family". Unfortunately, Vic is no longer with us, having passed away on May 25, 1990.

Beth Howland

Beth played the role of ditzy Vera. She hasn't done much since "Alice", but most recently (1996) was on an episode of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch". She had guest spots on several other TV shows, including "The Love Boat", and "Mary Tyler Moore"

Diane Ladd

Diane played the role of Belle on the TV show, although she also appeared in the movie "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore", as the original Flo. She has been very busy since "Alice", acting in may movies, both regular and made- for-TV movies. She was also married to Bruce Dern at one time, and their daughter Laura Dern, is also an actress, appearing in many movies, including the recent hit "Jurassic Park". Diane was only on "Alice" for a short time though, about the equivalent of a season, although it was spread out over two seasons. She was brought in to replace Polly Holliday, who had left to do her own show.

Celia Weston

Celia played the role of Jolene, replacing Diane Ladd as the 3rd waitress. Celia has done a few movies since "Alice", two of them that I've seen are "Dead Man Walking" and "Lost Angels", although she has appeared in several movies since then.
*UPDATE* Celia appeared on ER on 2-25-99, as a nurse-practitioner at a clinic in Mississippi that one of the main characters Dr. Benton was helping out for a couple weeks.

Philip McKeon

Philip played the role of Tommy, Alice's son, except on the pilot episode (which had Alfred Lutter, the actor who played Tommy on the original movie). Philip pretty much grew up on the show, he was 12 when it started in 1976. Since "Alice", he hasn't done too much, although he has done some producing and directing. He is also the older brother of Nancy McKeon, most famous for playing Jo on "Facts of Life"

Charles Levin

Charles was a late-comer to "Alice". He first appeared as Elliot, a policeman who gave Vera a ticket for jay-walking. Vera ended up falling in love with him and they ended up getting married, which is how he became a regular cast member. Charles has been in many movies and TV shows, both before and after "Alice". Most of the TV shows were guest appearances, but he was in "Seinfeld", "NYPD Blue", "Hill Street Blues", to name a few.